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Filson and Magnum Field Camera Bag Review

Filson and Magnum, first impressions…

Before I begin my review let’s talk about who Filson and Magnum are and what they represent.

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Williamsburg Villager April 2014

The Williamsburg Villager April , 2014

12 Things Not to Give Up For Lent

During the Lenten season many people vow to abstain from the things they like most for the forty days before Easter. That’s all well and good but here are my thoughts about how cranky some of us get without sweets. 

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Waterproofing Your 1000 Mile Boots

Because wet feet are a drag…

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. It starts snowing hard and all of a sudden there’s 3 inches of cold wet snow all over the place. Or how about those rainy days where stepping in a puddle is inevitable?

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