The Williamsburg Villager Mar, 2016

M.U. Girls Basketball Many of you know the M.U. girls basketball team has done quite well this basketball season. The regular season is about over at this time and they have won over 20 games. […]

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Williamsburg Villager Feb, 2016

THE BOONE’S LICK ROAD IN WILLIAMSBURG If St. Louis was the Gateway to the West, then the Boone’s Lick Road was the way to get there. Williamsburg’s Main Street is The Boone’s Lick Road. Trails […]

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The Williamsburg Villager Jan, 2016

In Memory of Our Marlene Our village lost a sweet lady, Marlene Crane, on December 4th. As many of you know she had been hospitalized with pneumonia in early November. Marlene was born on February […]

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The Williamsburg Villager Dec. 2015

The History of Santa Claus In the beginning Santa Claus was known as Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a monk in the early 4th century. He was known to make toys for the children as well […]

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The Williamsburg Villager Nov. 2015

The Williamsburg Villager Nov. 2015 Villager Inducted into Hall of Famous Missourians To many of us “old timers” Ted Jones was a farm owner, a neighbor, a businessman who commuted many miles daily between here […]

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The Williamsburg Villager Oct. 2015

Grandchildren — God’s Gift to Grandparents! Grandchildren are the most anticipated arrivals in the older generations’ lives. We hint, we cajole. Yes, we even push our own children about when we can expect these little […]

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The Williamsburg Villager September, 2015

Alzheimer’s… As Population Ages, a Growing Problem How often have we heard older people say, “I don’t mind getting old, if I still have my mind.”? It is a worry for all of us over […]

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The Williamsburg Villager Aug, 2015

One Hamburger, French Fries and a Drink When you get older, your appetite is not what it used to be and sometimes neither is your budget. Here is a story pretty true to life for […]

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The Williamsburg Villager July, 2015

On Competency Testing… Are You Ready? There was an article in the newspaper the other day with a headline that read, “Aging MD’s Favor Early Competency Testing”. That piqued my interest right away. It seems […]

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The Williamsburg Villager June, 2015

Dear Villagers and friends, I usually compose what we use on our front page, but this article by Mona Vance tells all of us about the important things in our lives… read on and enjoy.

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