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The History of Santa Claus

In the beginning Santa Claus was known as Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a monk in the early 4th century. He was known to make toys for the children as well as protect the children and sailors. To deliver gifts, he would often climb down chimneys and through windows to place toys and trinkets in the children’s stockings, while they hung by the fireplace to dry. Thus the tradition began.

As time went on, we began to learn more information. Things like he is an elf, he has a sleigh and eight magic reindeer, he has a list of naughty and nice, as well as he lives at the North Pole.

Santa travels the world every Christmas Eve to bring joy to all the boys and girls on his list. He enjoys milk and cookies every stop to replenish his strength. Remember he carries all the toys with him, which can be really quite heavy.

Santa now visits different locations with children before Christmas to see what everyone would like in their stockings. If you’d like Santa to know what you would want: Santa will visit Marlene’s on Saturday, Dec. 12th, from 2-4. All children are invited to bring their Christmas lists. Refreshments provided.

Things Heard ‘Round the Potbellied Stove

We have had quite a few injuries and illnesses going around the ‘Burg.

Here are a list of some of them:

 Marlene Crane developed pneumonia in late October – the first of November. She is recovering and is ready to come home! We hope to see her back at Marlene’s soon.

 Bernice Lang was hospitalized by a fall in November. She is now at Rush Rehab for Physical Therapy. We will see her back here again soon.

 D-Boy was rushed to the hospital in early November. He is back and kicking now.

 Cathy Zerr will have knee surgery on Dec. 7th.

 One of our locals Bill Roberts passed away late October. His memorial service was on November 8th. We miss him greatly.

 The Presbyterian Women’s Christmas Luncheon will be held

Wednesday, December 2 at Noon. All women are invited. Bring a salad or a dessert.

 Candlelight service will be held at 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve at Nine Mile Church.

 Danielle Strube is expecting her third child. This one will be Barbara and Rylan Mann’s third great-grandchild.

 One of our coffee drinkers, David Steirs, got married. We wish him and his wife, Amanda, many happy years.

 We are awarding the honor of first buck of the season to Jamie Knoepflein. He got a little eight pointer.

 Don’t forget to check out our new merchandise; Marlene’s T-shirts,

Nita’s Candles, Noble Outfitters Clothes, and the Christmas merchandise in Lynda’s Townhouse Treasures for great gifts as well as Crane’s Country Store.

 16 year old Ben Edgar, who stayed at the Gray Ghost Trail Inn, shot his first deer. His father processed and donated the meat.

Joe’s Corner


Creamers with Spoons

The term “Cream Rises to the Top” comes from the milk industry. When you have fresh, whole milk and you place it in a bowl or a container, the cream will rise to the top.

The pictures of the two (2) milk bottles above, are called “Cream Toppers”. One is a Central Dairy bottle and one is a St. Louis Dairy bottle. The bottles came in different sizes: pints, quarts, and half gallons. These are quarts bottles.

Along with the bottles, you see a picture of two (2) special shaped spoons. These spoons were used to dip the cream out of the top of the bottle without having to turn them on their side.

Milk and cream were a very important staple of early farm life. Many families had a milk cow that was milked twice a day, which was used by the family. Any extra milk and cream were bottled and sold.

Making butter and the use of cream will be further expanded in a later issue. All are invited to visit the museum and see how many milk related objects you can find.

Patrons of the Month

Our patrons of the month are, Hank Graf and Thelma Henning. Every year since our opening they have portrayed Mr. and Mrs. Claus. For years, Hank and Thelma were a big part of our community. They would often be seen Sunday’s after church, getting lunch and spliting a coke.

Hank is a WWII veteran who in 2012 was lucky enough to enjoy a trip on the Honor Flight. Hank is also known in the community for his work with the American flag, which members of the community carried through the town during the 4th of July parades. Hank now resides in an assisted living facility in the St. Louis Area, but we still hear from him every now and then.

Thelma was the secretary/treasurer of the Williamsburg Community Center for years until she moved to Auxvasse in 2012. Sadly, earlier this year, Thelma passed away.

Some Charities to Donate to for Christmas:

The Salvation Army

The Angel Tree


Make-a-Wish Foundation




Wounded Warriors

The Humane Society

Haven House in Fulton, Mo


With Christmas on the way here are some fitness jokes to smile about:

1. Never try one size fits all. It only depresses you when it really doesn’t fit all.

2. Don’t forget to exercise. Jumping to conclusions can increase your heart rate.

3. Don’t watch Paula Dean cooking network. Every recipe starts with add a pound of butter.

4. Motivation to do sit-ups… place an ice cream cone between your legs.

Take a lick each time you touch your toes.

5. Give up hanging around people just because they are bigger than you.

6. If anything looks, smells, or tastes good, avoid eating it at all costs.

7. We fight weight problems all our lives, but when we get to be a senior citizen, surrender! Bring on the good stuff.

Here are a few Christmas Jokes from the internet:  How do you know Santa is a man?

No woman would ever wear the same attire every year.  What do you get if you cross Santa with a detective?

Santa Clues!

 Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve?

Because it “soots ” him!

 What’s a good holiday tip?

Never catch snowflakes with your tongue until all the birds have gone south for the winter.

 Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?

You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.


The Williamsburg Villager is provided by Crane’s Museum & Shoppes. Marlene Crane is our on location reporter and resident artist. Please submit any announcements to Marlene by the 20th of each month to insure publication.

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Crane’s Museum is a Regional History Museum located in Williamsburg, MO. We invite visitors of all ages to enjoy a step back in time. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in Marlene’s Restaurant, shop for gifts at Town House Treasures get ready for winter and spring with Crane’s Country Store Clearance and Closeout.

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