Williamsburg Villager

Williamsburg Villager

Our ‘Burg Mother

Marlene will always be remembered as the best mother of the ‘Burg. So many people came to her for her great advice, friendship, knowledge, and many other things. She was always there when you needed her to listen, to explain some historical facts, or just joke around.

When she was here, at the museum, she would always welcome everyone with a big smile on her face. She wasn’t just part of our museum, as a member of the community, she served as church historian, was a part of the church circle, the bible study, the Williamsburg’s Community Club, and sponsored many local events. She is greatly missed by all this Mother’s Day.

Special shout out to all mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers this Mother’s Day.


This month we would like to shout out congrats, to all the local graduates. One in
particular is our very own Fionna Clark. She is one of our young weekend waitresses and
local girls. In school she is in the band, jazz band, is the marching band conductor, and
has stared in many school musicals and plays. She also plays quidditch, is a member of
national honors society, is on the quiz bowl team and is in many other after school
activities. She is well known with the local crowd, and will be greatly missed.

Here are the graduation dates and times for the high schools in Callaway County…

  • North Callaway May 20th, @ 7pm
  • Fulton May 20th, @7pm
  • South Callaway May 13th, @7pm

News of the Village

 The Williamsburg town wide garage sale was a great success! The material sales went toward “Quilts of valor”. At last count, there was over $300 that will be donated.

 The Community Center is taking donations for a new handicap accessible bathroom. It will be A.D.A. approved when finished. If you would like to make a donation please talk to Chuck or David at Crane’s Store.

 Congratulations to Jake Anderson. He and fiancé, Kelsey West, just announced their engagement in April.

 Were you ever a Williamsburg Wildcat Basketball player? If you would like a jersey, Crane’s Store has them and is giving them to former players. If you are lucky you might just get your number.

 Mother’s Day, May 8th, will be joint service at Nine Mile Church at


 The church will be recognizing graduating high school, college, middle school, and kindergarten students, on the morning of May 15th.

 There will be an open house at the Old Auxvasse Cemetery on May 29, from 12-4. We would love to see you there!

 Just a friendly reminder…

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Joe’s Corner



Ice Cream Scoops and Molds

This month is on ice cream scoops. All the ones in the picture are in the display case in the museum. The scoops are all different shapes and sizes from the 1900’s. They are wooden handled, and all but one are right handed. The one with the center squeezer can be used by both right and left handed folks. If you or anyone you may know has a left handed ice cream scoop I might be interested.

The other picture is of ice cream molds. They are pewter and come in many different styles. The flat molds were used to make ice cream sandwiches. Come back to the museum sometime and check them out!

Sunday Specials

May 1st – Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Veggie, and a Dinner Roll $8.99

May 8th – Stuffed Green Peppers, 7-layer Salad, and Garlic Bread (Mother’s Day) $8.99

May 15th – Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Veggie, and a Dinner Roll $8.99

May 22nd – Meatloaf, Cheesy Potato Casserole, Veggie, and a Dinner Roll $8.99

May 29th – Lasagna, 7-layer Salad, and Garlic Bread $8.99

Hitching Posts

Joe Crane now has two nice hitching posts displayed in Crane’s Store. Bob Sleaver in Emma, MO, sold the newest one to Joe for a bologna sandwich. Please come by and check them out!




Instead of a joke this month we are doing a poem by an anonymous source.

The One Room School

The one room school, alas, is gone
Most folks don’t remember
But some have mem’ries living on
That started each September

They were scattered ‘round the
A source of local pride
All the folks were mighty proud
Of what went on inside

On weekends, some were used for church
At times, a voting place
Basket dinners-yummy plus
Always they said grace

Everybody walked to school
Some maybe rode a horse
Regard for others, being kind
Were part of every course

Every day the flag was raised
And treated with respect
Such lessons learned at home and school
Were lasting in effect

Recess was a time to play
All the games were fun
Many baseball games took place
Many races were run

Teachers rang the signal bell
To end recess and dinner
Last on in’s a rotten egg
First one in’s the winner

To reach the outhouse you would go
Down your gender’s path
Feeling better, back you’d come
To finish up your math

Fire up the old potbelly
This place could use some heat
Soon there’ll be a feed sack kid
Wriggling in each seat

No AC, no hot school lunch
But lots of good ol’ learning
Everyone helped everyone
To satisfy their yearning

Sometimes hot, sometimes cold
But always friends like family
Readin’ Writin’ ‘Rithmetic
Maybe even a spelling bee

The job paid 50 bucks a month
Fringe benefits were none
Unless you count the ways the kids
All learned while having fun

Time that passes tick by tick
Those memories can’t erase
Of cold mid-winter outhouse trips
Of every recess chase

Computers, buses, internet
Are Now’s educational rage
But time was when the one room school
Was there at center stage


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