Refresh Your Denim: How to Clean Jeans With & Without Washing

Person holds several denim jeans in various washes.

Blue jeans are an everyday wardrobe staple and an icon of American culture. Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? These classic denim pants are found in most people’s closets.  In the late 1800s, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss started producing durable brown riveted trousers (or “waist overalls”) for miners and other working-class laborers. Soon […]

Leather, Suede & Everything In-Between: How to Waterproof Your Work Boots

Brown leather waterproof boots trekking through a snowy, winter field.

Your boots were made for walking. Let them take you where you need to go—across dewy fields, flowing streams, muddy paths, parking lot puddles or snow—while keeping your tootsies nice and dry. Why settle for soggy toes? Give your boots a not-so-secret superpower with a water-resistant shield. Follow these tips on how to waterproof your […]

How Take Care of Wool Clothing: Washing, Drying & Storing

Link: How to Take Care of Wool Clothing: Washing, Drying, & Storing blog

We’ve been wearing and using wool for millennia. Wool is the ideal fabric for cold, wet winter months. Its tightly overlapping fibers make it hard for dirt and debris to stick to it, and these fibers contain a natural wax called lanolin, which provides wool with its water-wicking powers. Warm wool sweaters, coats, jackets and […]