How to Set up an ENO Hammock: Tips for Happy Hangs

Two young woman smile at the camera while sitting in a colorful ENO DoubleNest Hammock.

Lazy summer afternoons beg you to sway idly in a backyard hammock, a glass of lemonade in hand. Relax with a new book while branches rustle and sunlit shadows dance across the ground.  Camping? Forget pitching a tent. Take your trusty outdoor hammock, and rock to sleep peacefully under a canopy of stars.  An outdoor […]

7 “Worth It” Hiking Trails in Columbia, MO

Winter hike at the Pinnacles park near Columbia, MO.

Golden sunlight streams through a thick, forested canopy. Leaves rustle in a sweeping chorus as a soft breeze stirs your hair. Shadows dance on the ground before you, and birds flit in and out of nearby branches.  A backpack hangs from your shoulders as your feet tread over miles of grass and rock. You reach […]

How to Use a Gun Cleaning Kit

Link: How to Use a Gun Cleaning Kit blog

A crisp breeze stirs the leaves in the trees. You zip up your jacket and wait until your target appears. You hear something moving in the distance. Out from behind the timber you see him—the buck you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss your target because you haven’t taken care of your gun. Proper gun care […]

How to Choose the Right Pocket Knife

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Pocket knives have been used for thousands of years, making their first known appearance in 600 BC. The pocket knife we know and love has come a long way since then. Today, it’s the trusty tool found in everyone’s back pocket.

10 Things to Bring Camping This Summer

Summer Camping Gear from Crane's.

Summer is the time for adventure. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the outdoors are calling your name. Create some special summer memories and enjoy the great outdoors with a camping trip. What summer camping gear do you need? You want to be prepared and comfortable in the summer heat. Whether you’re […]