Williamsburg Villager May 2021

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Williamsburg Villager May 2021 May Day By David Crane Again, sorry for being late, but we have had lots of distractions around the stove!  You’ll see in a separate article, we have seniors graduating within the Crane’s Store family.  And then of course Shanellen has been gone with the birth of her and Andrew’s son […]

Williamsburg Villager April 2021

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Williamsburg Villager April 2021  April Showers  By David Crane  As I write this, we have rain once again.  It’s hard to complain about rain when you know come July and August we’ll be begging for it, but a break now and then is nice.  I did get a first mowing in, but the back and forth warm weather, then […]

Williamsburg Villager March 2021

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Williamsburg Villager March 2021 March! By David Crane Again, apologies for being late.  This sneaks up on me every month. We have been busy in the store re-arranging the hardware aisle.  We have worked on every part of the store since I came in 1995 and this was the last section.  In retail, you want […]

Williamsburg Villager February 2021

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Williamsburg Villager February 2021 February is for Sweethearts! By David Crane Again, sorry about another late newsletter. Time just keeps getting away! Around the store, we are finishing up placing Fall/Winter 2021 orders and working on the new Spring clothing that is coming in. I know, it’s hard to think about Spring with cold weather […]

Williamsburg Villager January 2021

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Williamsburg Villager January 2021 Happy New Year! By David Crane Well we made it to 2021.  Yikes!  We sincerely hope that this year will be better for everyone than last.  We have been fortunate with steady business during this trying time, and hope it continues.  This time of year is hectic around the stove.  Inventory, […]

Williamsburg Villager December 2020

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Williamsburg Villager December 2020 Ho Ho Ho By David Crane Can’t believe how long this year has seemed to be, and how fast it seems to be ending.  We are happy that as of now, we are all keeping healthy during this pandemic.  Let’s hope we can make it till the vaccine is available.  We […]

Williamsburg Villager November 2020

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Williamsburg Villager November 2020 Thanksgiving!!! By David Crane Sorry about no October issue.  It’s been crazy around here and it just didn’t get done. It seems like 2020 is the longest year but time is still flying.  Can’t believe the holidays are upon us.  Deer season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, yikes!!!  We have some special […]

Williamsburg Villager September 2020

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Again, my apologies for being late.  This year has been a crazy one, and at this time all of our vendors seem to finally be shipping products and we have been busy switching the store over to Fall 2020 clothing.

Williamsburg Villager August 2020

Williamsburg Villager August 2020 

It seems time has changed during this Covid crisis, but the deadlines never slow down.  As I write this we just had a successful Car Show with the Kustoms and Classics Car Club and I celebrated another birthday.  Shanellen also celebrated her wedding with Andrew Sullivan!  Lots of milestones for sure. 

Williamsburg Villager July 2020

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Williamsburg Villager July 2020  Happy 4th of July  By David Crane As I write this the country is still under siege of the Corona virus and faces protests in every town.  I really wish my folks were still alive to give me the perspective of the protests and riots they experienced when they were teachers in Kansas […]