Williamsburg Villager June 2020

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So with the lock down and the cooler than normal weather, it seems that Memorial Day and the start of summer snuck up on us. Also with school in a mixed up mess, everyone’s schedule is topsy turvy. Maybe the next couple of months will get things settled.

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May The 4th Be With You By David Crane So as I write this we are finishing up our plans on re-opening both buildings after the COVID-19 crisis. Things will be different for a while. Let me update you on what we know now, and remember this could change as the month and weeks progress. […]

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April Fools? By David Crane As I write this, we have had to lock the front door of the Store to only do drive up service to-go. The Museum is only open for very limited hours. COVID-19 has everyone hunkered down. I had hoped this would not happen in my lifetime, but I’ve watched enough […]

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March Madness By David Crane Hopefully, by the time this is published March will come in like a lamb and stay lamb like throughout. Winter wasn’t that bad, but it seemed to drag. We have spring clothing in the store and are ready to display it! I had a great trip to Outdoor Retailer in […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day By David Crane The thoughts of sweethearts hopefully warms the heart in the coldness of winter. Here at the store, we try to get our customers to think about the man in their life. He may not admit it, but he likes getting gifts too, and we have great guy gifts. Stop […]

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Looking forward with “2020 Vision”!! By David Crane Starting you out with the first of many 20/20 puns for the year. New Year’s Day and January are a good reflection point in trying to start with a new focus and understanding of what lays ahead. I do the same here at the store and museum. […]

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Merry Christmas By David Crane Again, my apologies for being late. Maybe my New Year’s resolution is to be on time! At the end of the year comes a time for reflection. The days keep going faster and faster as I age, and there never seems to be enough time. Ever. We have seen slow, […]