Little Kamper

1lb Propane Tank

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Little Kamper 1lb propane tank exchange for those who use propane for camping, tailgating, and outdoor recreation. Little Kamper is the sustainable alternative to single-use propane tanks to reduce waste. Over 40 million disposable propane tanks are sold in North America every year. These cylinders are frequently left behind in our parks, campgrounds, and recreation facilities. The cost of collecting, transporting, and properly recycling single-use propane tanks is often higher than the retail cost of a new tank so these tanks are frequently left in landfills to rust. Our solution eliminates waste by reusing a DOT-certified refillable cylinder with our state-of-the-art automated filling system. Our customers pay the true cost for their propane because our exchange model includes transportation and we recycle our own tanks when they need to be retired.  Our eco-friendly exchange model reduces waste and millions of Americans already use tank exchange for their 20lb BBQ tanks at home. Our goal is to educate customers on the environmental value of refillable cylinders and encourage propane users to choose a zero-waste alternative to disposable tanks.

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