Browning Finish Line – Assisted Open Knife

Browning Finish Line - Assisted Open Knife


Spring assisted open folding knife with robust frame lock, modified drop point hollow ground stainless steel blade, and machined textured G-10 scales.

  • Folding modified drop point
  • Hollow ground stainless steel
  • Thumb stud
  • Pocket clip
  • Spring assisted opening design



Fast, light, and strong, this knife crosses the Finish Line in first place. The best designs achieve peak function without sacrificing form. This knife exemplifies this maxim with a blade lock built into the frame, machined G-10 scales, and a minimalistic modified drop point blade. The assisted open design allows you to easily deploy the knife one-handed and will lock open as solidly as a good fixed blade knife.

Contrary to what you may have seen in most 1980’s action flicks, a tactical knife isn’t an 18-inch-long monstrosity that you strap to a webbed vest for that moment when the main hero needs to start chopping limbs off of bad guys. The best tactical knives have a high utility to size/weight ratio, meaning they perform light to medium tasks, but are sufficiently compact as to not be an “anchor”. In a pinch, your knife will serve as a last-ditch defensive tool to protect yourself when you have no other options. Black Label Tactical Blades are cutting-edge tools to accomplish the mission.

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