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Life at Crane's

Crane’s Country Store is a true general store, offering everything from sammies and farming supplies to work shirts and aftershave. We sell boots, bullets, britches and bologna—just like our slogan says. Our brick and mortar store in downtown Williamsburg, Missouri calls back to a simpler time when the general store was a town gathering place. No matter where you’re from, Crane’s feels like coming home.

Whether you visit us online or in-store, let Crane’s take you back to your roots.

Crane’s Country Store has been around long enough to see a lot of changes and evolution here in mid-Missouri. Check out this episode of Trevor Harris’s podcast Mo’ Curious, when David Crane joined as Trevor’s guest to discuss the cultural impacts of Interstate 70 in Missouri.

our story

Four generations of Cranes have made Crane’s Country Store what it is today. Discover how it all began.

Samuel P. Harrison
Proprietor 1889-1911
William Crane
Proprietor 1889-1916
Benjamin Rush Crane
Proprietor 1889-1939
Sam and Bernice Crane
Proprietors 1916-1983
Sam Crane
Proprietor 1916-1963
Bill Crane
Proprietor 1957-1999
Joe & Marlene Crane
Prorietors 1983-2016
David Crane
Proprietor 1995-Present

Marlene’s Restaurant

For more than 20 years, Marlene’s Restaurant has served homestyle food that tastes like your mother’s best cookin’. From our hand-pattied Williamsburger to a piece of our homemade cobbler, you’ll find something at Marlene’s to satisfy your stomach. Check out cranesmuseum.org to view Marlene’s full menu.

Crane’s Museum & Shoppes

Joe and Marlene Crane had quite the collection of antiques and treasures packed inside their home. In 2004, the couple decided to open up Crane’s Museum & Shoppes in Williamsburg, MO to share their cherished family collectibles with the public. Step back in time to a world at the turn of the 20th century.

Include a tour of the museum on your next stop. It’s free to view, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Visit cranesmuseum.org today!

The Liars Club

Swap stories around the woodstove with our Liars Club each week and see if you can decipher the truth from a fib. Spin your own yarn if you think you’ve got what it takes.

famous $2 sammies

Try our 1-Meat, 1-Cheese, 2-Dollar sammies on white bread. Kick back on our front porch with a sammie and an ice-cold soda.