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10 Essential Items to Bring to a Mizzou Tailgate Party

10 Essential Items to Bring to a Mizzou Tailgate Party

The sun is out. The smell of grilling food wafts through the air. People laugh and talk. Everyone is in gold and black. You know it’s an excellent day for University of Missouri football.

College football season is finally here. It’s time to pull out the stops for an awesome tailgate setup while you cheer on your favorite college teams. Don’t know what to bring to a college tailgate? We’ve got a list of essential tailgate items.

Whether you have ties to the Missouri Tigers or you’re rooting for a different team, discover what tailgating gear will prepare you for an exciting season.

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Football Tailgate Party Essentials

Tailgating at football games is more fun when you have the necessary equipment. You can go all out with your setup, bringing furniture, yard games, TVs and the family RV. Or you can stick to a simple tailgate barbecue with a folding table and camping chairs.

Whatever you do, you won’t be sorry for bringing these tailgating essentials.

1. SUV Canopy

Be ready for rain or shine. You can create your own shaded parking lot paradise with an SUV canopy. Strap it to the top of your vehicle and pop the trunk. Some pop-up canopies come with weighted legs, so you can set one up without attaching it to your car.

2. Stadium Chair

Stadium seating doesn’t win any awards for comfort. For a long, glorious day of football, you need a seat that supports your back.

A stadium chair is a purchase you’ll never regret. Stadium chairs come in many materials, weights and levels of cushiness. You may be able to find one with a cup holder or extra pockets. Score!

3. Portable Grill

Nothing pairs better with football than a grill out. Join in on the long-standing tradition of tailgate barbecue. You’ll need a portable grill to cook up hamburgers and hot dogs for your crew—and to share with new fans you meet.

You can cook on a gas or coal grill, whatever is easiest for you. Many stadiums have places to discard hot coals after you’ve finished making a meal.

Never leave your grill unattended! Play it safe and always have someone keeping an eye on the grill—and your food.

4. Bottle Opener

It wouldn’t be a college tailgate party without your favorite beverages. If you’re bringing glass bottles, don’t forget a bottle opener! This Brant & Cochran bottle opener looks like an axe. It’s hand-forged and sure to garner several compliments from fellow fans.

Check the stadium’s policies before you bring glass bottles to the tailgate. Many venues prohibit glass bottles since they can break easily and create a safety hazard for others.

5. Camp Crock Pot

You may be a grill master, but your meats need sides. Bring your slow cooker for yummy sides, like macaroni and cheese, and keep them warm all day.

In chilly fall weather, the Stanley Stay Hot Camp Crock Pot is perfect for game day chili, stew or barbecue meat. Get the most out of the vacuum-insulated crock and take it camping too!

6. Beverage Koozie or Vest

Keep cans ice-cold with fun “outfits” from Puffin Drinkware. Be the coolest fan at the tailgate with beverage vests, parkas and flannels that keep your drink cold and your hands dry. Pick a style and drink with pride.

Dress up your beverage. Shop:

Prefer a no-frills Koozie?

Crane’s Country Store sells custom Koozies with our logo and tagline. We sell a variety of colors, but our classic color combination will make any Mizzou football fan grin. Choose our black and gold Koozie to represent Mizzou and Crane’s at the next game.

7. Stanley Thermos

Avid fans know that football season includes hot summer days and cool fall evenings. You need something that will keep beverages hot or cold, no matter the weather. Trust the Stanley brand to keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

The durable Legacy QuadVac™ Thermal Bottle offers four hot and cold protection layers. Its steel construction makes it suitable for adventures in the wild or around the stadium.

Need something larger? Go for a sharable, all-day beverage with the 2 qt version. We think it’s perfect for your crew’s hot chocolate and coffee.

8. Blanket

Blankets serve dual purposes at tailgate parties. First, they keep you warm on cold days. Don’t let a chilly breeze stop you from rooting for your team.

Blankets also serve as extra seating or kids’ seating. If you have access to green spaces, throw a blanket down in the grass for a fun picnic.

Filson’s Plaid Mackinaw Blanket is 100% USA-sourced wool, making it naturally water-repellent. Take it camping, tailgating or hammocking. You’ll have this blanket for years to come.

9. Reusable Straws

Straws elevate sipping and can make you feel fancy. Many people like the added aesthetic of a straw. Some people also use them to drink cold beverages without tooth sensitivity

Eliminate the amount of plastic you take tailgating. Plastic solo cups may be convenient for a crowd, but don’t bring plastic straws too. Choose reusable straws from Save One Straw instead!

We have several BPA-free silicone straw sets in fun colors.

10. Little Kamper Propane

Using a gas grill? Crane’s Country Store offers Little Kamper refillable propane tanks. Stop by our store on your way to a Mizzou football game and grab a 1 lb. tank for your tailgate.

Once you’re out of gas, you can exchange your tank for another versus throwing it away. Little Kamper will refill the tank, giving it another chance to fuel someone’s tailgate party.

What Else Do You Need for a College Tailgate?

In addition to our 10 essentials above, you may want to bring these items for the ultimate tailgating experience:

  • Cooler
  • Tables and chairs
  • Dinnerware
  • Trash bins and bags
  • Speaker
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Clear purse

Football Tailgate Party Etiquette

The most important part of tailgating is fellowship. Everyone comes together to experience the game. You’ll pass the time getting to know new people while sharing food and fun.

Honor the tradition of tailgating at football games. Treat the people around you and the venue with respect. As you enjoy the day, follow these six tailgating tips.

1. Alcohol

Revelry can come with safety hazards. Always follow the federal, state and local laws regarding alcohol consumption. Alcohol is permitted at many football tailgates, including Mizzou’s, on game day within the general proximity of the event.

According to Mizzou’s policies, you may not bring kegs or bulk quantities of alcohol with you. Remember to drink wisely. If you see anyone who’s had a few too many, don’t be afraid to help them out. We’re all at the game to have fun and be safe.

2. Grills

Unattended grills and hot coals can be dangerous. A fire consumed and totaled multiple cars at a Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots game. The cause? A tailgater left a barbecue grill with hot coals under their car.

Don’t be the one who causes property damage or hurts someone by accident. Watch your barbecue grill and dispose of hot coals in the proper place. At Mizzou games, tailgaters can dump their coals and ashes in designated "hot coal bins."

3. Generators

If you’re serious about tailgating, you may plan to bring a generator. Put several generators together, and you’ll have quite a bit of noise on your hands. At Mizzou, generators must have noise-reducing devices, like a cover or muffler.

4. Animals

Bringing a pet? Please keep it on a leash. Pets who run wild may get into trouble with other tailgaters or be in danger from moving vehicles. No one wants you to lose your furry friend because they weren't leashed.

5. Music

Good tunes set the mood at your tailgate party. Just make sure you aren’t blasting music too loudly. Be respectful of others, and make sure you can’t hear your music from several cars away. A good rule of thumb is to ensure you can't hear your music beyond your tailgate.

6. Green Space

Some tailgating venues may have green spaces you can access. We love a good tailgate picnic! If you have access to green spaces, ensure you pick up any trash or litter you find.

Don’t drive through these areas to preserve the landscaping and efforts of the grounds crew. Enjoy these areas on foot only.

Get Ready for Game Day

With the right gear, die-hard Tigers fans can make the most of their tailgating experience. These must-haves and tips are great for pro football tailgates too! Always check the venue’s policy to see what you can and can’t bring tailgating.

Browse Mizzou’s football schedule to find a game.

Shop for essential tailgate items at Crane’s Country Store. Get the gear you need to be the MVP of your friends and family.

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