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10 Things to Bring Camping This Summer

10 Things to Bring Camping This Summer

Summer is the time for adventure. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the outdoors are calling your name. Create some special summer memories and enjoy the great outdoors with a camping trip.

What summer camping gear do you need? You want to be prepared and comfortable in the summer heat. Whether you’re camping in your backyard or at a national park, we’ve compiled a list of what to take for the ideal adventure.

What Should You Take Camping?

You may need more or less gear depending on where you are camping and how long your camping trip will be. If you’re wondering what to bring on a camping trip with friends or family, this list will help get you thinking about what to pack.

Summer camping gear from Crane's.

1. A Tent

Welcome to your home away from home. A tent is where you’ll be sleeping and resting during your stay outside.

If you need to purchase a tent, here are two things to consider:

  • Season. In the summer, the temperature outside will be high, and it could be humid or muggy depending on where you are. You want a tent that keeps pesky bugs at bay while still providing airflow through the tent. Look for lightweight tents with mesh panels or sides.
  • Capacity. How many people need to fit inside your tent? How many people can fit comfortably, even if they toss in their sleep? Your answers to these questions will help you determine how big your tent needs to be.

2. Sleeping Bags

Once you have your shelter, you need to make your bed! You’ll want to take sleeping bags and pillows with you. Sleeping bags come in many shapes and sizes. You can find bags made for kids, extra-long bags made for tall adults, and double bags made for two. Remember that even when camping in warmer weather, you’ll want the cushion of your sleeping bag between you and the ground.

3. A Change of Clothes

How many changes of clothes you need depends on the duration of your trip. During the summer, you should avoid cotton fabrics that hold onto sweat and water. While cotton is extremely comfortable, it can cause you to feel clammy once it gets wet. Look for clothing made or partially made of polyester, nylon or merino wool. These fabrics dry fast and pull moisture away from the skin.

Danner shoes.

4. The Right Footwear

Sturdy shoes make all the difference, especially if you plan on hiking. Try to wear waterproof shoes that are breathable and comfortable. You want shoes that support your ankles and provide good traction, like our Danner trail shoes.

We don’t expect you to wear a wool jacket in July, but wool blend socks can help keep your feet dry and reduce odor. Check out our Stance Outdoor & Hike socks available for men and women. Bringing the right footwear will make your adventure more comfortable.

5. A Light Jacket

We know. We’re talking about summer camping gear. Why would you need a jacket? It’s always a good idea to take a light, water-wicking jacket with you if showers are in the forecast. A jacket is a camping must have if the evening turns chilly or you want to protect your upper body from mosquitoes. Explore our selection of Filson outerwear to find the perfect jacket to keep you warm on summer nights.

6. The Perfect Thermos

Want to keep your water cold all day? Want to keep your morning coffee hot so you can sip on it later this evening? A thermos will be your best friend while hiking and camping in any season. Try Stanley Vacuum Bottles for the ultimate all-day temperature-keeping bottle. You may even need two!

Otterbox Coolers.

7. Cooler

Every good campout needs a good cookout. Before you hit the road, plan what you want to do for meals. Will you eat a meal on the way and cook breakfast in the morning? Will you bring food you’ve already prepared?

A cooler will keep your food and drinks cold, so you can feel comfortable bringing fresh or refrigerated foods with you. When it’s time to take a sip or make a meal over the campfire, reach into a leak-proof Otterbox cooler—they’re known to keep ice for at least three days.

8. Waterproof Bags

If you’ll be boating or fishing, you need to protect your ID, electronics and money. Even hiking near or along a stream could pose a danger to your valuables. One slip could have you—and your pack—in the water.

Waterproof bags are a great way to ensure your most valuable items are protected from water, dirt and dust. You can also use them for your clothes, toiletries and anything else that would make for a disappointment were it to get wet. We carry waterproof bags of all sizes to help you safely store and carry your possessions.

9. Pocket Knife

You never know when a pocket knife will come in handy. You may need to cut some rope as you hang your food in a tree to avoid interactions with bears or raccoons. You may need to cut your fishing line or gauze for a bandage in an emergency. Check out our wide selection of Browning and Case knives.

Crane's store employees hold flashlights.

10. Hobby Items

Once you’ve packed your camping and hiking gear, you’ll want to bring things related to your favorite outdoor hobbies.

If you are camping near a lake, you may want to take your fishing rod and reel. Are you a photographer? You may want your camera to capture those beautiful native wildflowers or your family’s fun.

Do you enjoy birdwatching? Are you a self-proclaimed botanist? You may want to pack state bird, butterfly and plant guides so you can identify the wildlife you see.

Just remember to keep it light if you will be trekking to your camping spot.

Need Gear for Your Next Camping Trip?

At Crane’s Country Store, we carry a variety of clothing and gear made for adventures in the great outdoors. Browse our camping gear and start checking items off of your list!

Note: Due to COVID-19, some national and state parks may be closed or enforcing strict guidelines. Visit the National Park Service website to plan your visit.

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