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Spring Break Bags: Guide to Finding the Best Travel Bags

Spring Break Bags: Guide to Finding the Best Travel Bags

You may be headed to a tropical destination for spring break or planning your perfect summer vacation. Whether going on an adventure or simply making the trek to the office, you need a stylish travel bag that’s easy to tote from point A to point B.

Wherever you go, make sure you have the right bag by your side. Crane’s Country Store stocks The Normal Brand and Filson luggage, backpacks and bags

What’s the best travel bag for you?

Keep reading to find your match made in bag heaven. 

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How to Choose Luggage

With so many luggage options, how do you know what to choose? Think about your habits. Where will you take the bag? How will you use it? You’ll also want to look at the bag’s fabric and construction to ensure you choose something that will last you a long time. 

1. Consider Your Destination

Where are you headed? And how are you getting there? 

Traveling on a plane limits your luggage options. Typically, checked bags can weigh up to 50 lbs. and be 62” in size upon adding the length, width and height together. Always check with the airline for its luggage requirements.

A survey from Consumer Reports found that over half of respondents traveled with a carry-on bag. For carry-on luggage, you’ll want a bag that’s a bit smaller than your checked luggage. American Airlines, Delta and United limit carry-on sizes to 22” x 14” X 9”, including any handles and wheels. A duffle or weekender bag makes for a great carry-on! 

A purse, backpack or laptop bag can be considered your “personal item” on the plane if it fits under the seat in front of you.

Those driving to destinations have more freedom. If you can safely fit your luggage in the vehicle, you can bring it!

2. How Long Is Your Trip?

The length of your stay influences the type and size of luggage you need. You can pack less for a weekend away than a week out of town. After identifying where you’re going and how you’ll get there, the next thing to consider is how long you’ll be gone.

  • Weekend. You’ll only be away for a few days. Luggage with about 30 to 60 liters of storage should suffice. Think duffle bags and larger backpacks. 
  • One to two weeks. Try something with 50 to 75 liters of capacity. You’ll need several sets of clothes and room for toiletries. 
  • Month. If you’re taking a big trip, you’ll need a large bag (or two) to hold your belongings in transit. Luggage that can hold 75 to 100+ liters will help you haul everything you need. If lugging heavy suitcases isn’t for you, you can also bring several smaller bags.


When thinking about capacity, your bag's shape can influence whether you have enough space for that final item. Squared corners and mounted exterior handles give you more interior space. 

3. Get the Features You Need  

Travel bags must be reliable. Luggage that breaks mid-trip creates a hassle for you. Most shoppers are concerned with the durability and wheelability of their luggage.

When shopping, look for durable fabrics and components. Your bags will experience wear and tear. They need to be up to the task. Durability is in the details. Check the zippers, wheels and handles to ensure they are sound. 

Before you choose a product, here are some things to consider. 

Shell Type 

Luggage comes in soft or hard shells. A hard shell better protects your belongings but is more cumbersome. Soft-shelled luggage is lighter, and you have more flexibility with how much you can squeeze inside. 


If you pick a soft shell, choose a strong fabric that’s resistant to tears and moisture. Leather is an excellent choice for travel bags. It’s durable and stylish. Ripstop nylon and canvas are also good options. Try to avoid cotton bags because they rip more easily. 


So much depends upon that small zipper! If your zipper breaks, you’re out of luck. 

Plastic zippers work when you need flexibility. They can stretch alongside a stuffed bag but must be completely replaced when they break. Metal zippers are sturdier and can be temporarily fixed until you return home. 


If you plan to roll, you’ll have to choose between two or four wheels. 

A two-wheeled suitcase only rolls forward and backward. It’s great for brisk walks on busy streets and carrying over curbs. Typically, the wheels are recessed on this type of suitcase, so they are more protected.

Want to move in every direction? Four-wheeled suitcases allow you to roll any way you like—forward, backward and side to side. You can easily spin and turn four-wheeled luggage as you dart through the crowded airport. 

Usually, the wheels on four-wheeled bags are attached externally. They have the potential to break under rough handling. You can look for wheels attached with screws for more security. 


Does the bag have what you need? Look for features like a laptop compartment, pockets and key fob straps. Interior pockets organize your belongings, while exterior pockets keep things you’ll need handy—hello phone, keys and headphones.

You can also purchase packing cubes for better organization. Depending on what you’re doing, waterproof packing cubes ensure your items stay dry. Waterproof cubes are great for camping trips, beach days or storing your wallet on a river float. 

Bags for Your Spring Break Fun

Pick a destination. We’ll help you pack. Crane’s Country Store has a wide selection of travel bags and luggage. Explore our luggage recommendations. 

Weekend Road Trip

Take a girls’ trip to Kansas City or head south for a family hike around Bentonville. 

Weekend Waxed Canvas Bag

The Weekend Waxed Canvas Bag is perfect for a day trip! This bag lets you bring more than you usually carry in your purse or pockets. Pack your tech, add some snacks and top it off with a rolled-up jacket. You’ll have everything you need for a day out. 

The Normal Brand Weekend Waxed Canvas Bag

Ripstop Nylon Pullman

Need a small overnight bag? The Ripstop Nylon Pullman is light, durable and inspired by the bags made to fit beneath railroad car seats. The tough ripstop nylon is treated for water resistance. This bag has a 36-liter capacity for light packers and overnight stays.

Filson Ripstop Nylon Pullman bag in black

48-Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag 

Try one of Filson’s popular weekend bags. The 48-Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag is made of a water-resistant tin cloth. Its reinforced base makes packing easier. Aptly named, this duffle bag will serve you well for a long weekend. 

48-Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag in tan

Beach Vacation

Hop on a plane and travel to your favorite sandy beach. Enjoy the waves! 

Large Rugged Twill Duffle Bag

Pack everything you need for a week away. The Large Rugged Twill Duffle Bag has a carrying capacity of 75 liters and end cap pockets for added storage. If you travel often, you’ll love the duffle’s industrial-strength rugged twill, which is resistant to abrasions. 


Filson Dryden 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag

Meet your new rolling carry-on. You’ll be using Filson’s Dryden 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag for years to come. The Dryden Carry-on is made of abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura® nylon with a reinforced double-layer base. 

Filson Dryden 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag 20047728 in navy

Office Days 

Your team is gone for spring break. You’re watching summertime PTO requests roll in. When your co-workers are off and it’s quiet, it may be the perfect time to get some work done.

Filson Dryden Briefcase

Show up in style with the Filson Dryden Briefcase. Tough nylon and a padded laptop sleeve keep your belongings protected. Interior and exterior pockets allow for the organization of your chargers, pens and notes.

Filson Dryden Briefcase in Otter

Normal Utility Laptop Bag

The Normal Brand’s Utility Laptop Bag is a beautiful soft canvas. Carry your laptop and accessories easily with the leather handles and additional shoulder strap. 

The Normal Brand Utility Laptop Bag in tan sits outside on top of a rock.

Rugged Twill Original Briefcase

Filson’s Rugged Twill Original Briefcase makes a durable office or personal airline bag. Its strength lies in its construction. The Original Briefcase features a double-layer bottom and interior seams with external pockets, internal dividers and slotted places for pens. 

Filson Rugged Twill Original Briefcase in navy

Get Durable Travel Luggage

Looking for luggage? Order bags online or stop by our store near Columbia, Missouri. We have all the accessories you need to pack for your next trip. We’ll help you find the best travel bags for you! Let’s go!

Are you traveling with luggage from Crane’s? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see your vacation photos! 

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