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Cranes Custom Burnout Coffee Mug

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Cranes Custom Burnout Coffee Mug

Tired of scalding hot coffee? So are we. We callaborated with the Burnout company and created a custom mug featuring our Boots Bullets Britches Bologna artwork.

Developed by rocket scientists

Popular vacuum mugs keep your coffee hot. Really hot. In fact, they keep your coffee so hot you have to wait for them to cool down. Who wants to wait?
BURNOUT was developed by a group of aerospace thermal engineers who were tired of burning their mouths on scalding coffee.

BURNOUT’s Drink Now Technology quickly transfers and stores the heat from the coffee, allowing you to drink your coffee almost immediately, without waiting. Then, it uses this stored heat to keep your coffee at that optimal drinking temperature for hours!

No more “lip dance,” burned mouth or reheating your coffee

Contrast this to a vacuum mug that keeps the coffee at an undrinkable temperature for too long, forcing you to do the proverbial lip dance—continually checking the temperature and continually burning your mouth until the coffee has cooled enough to drink. Then the coffee continues to cool, meaning you’ll likely end up drinking some of it lukewarm or be forced to reheat it. What a pain!
With BURNOUT, your coffee is brought to optimal drinking temperature inside of just minutes, so you won’t need to test it. And, because BURNOUT keeps the coffee temperature consistently in the drinkability zone for several hours, you’ll never be forced to drink it lukewarm or reheat it.

The secret to Drink Now Technology is BURNOUT’s Dual Chamber Design and HeatZorb

Vacuum mugs have a single vacuum chamber: two stainless-steel walls between which is a vacuum. Vacuums are devoid of matter, meaning there is nothing to transfer heat. That’s how they keep your coffee hot. The only place to lose heat is through the lid.
BURNOUT features Dual Chamber Design, two chambers configured from three layers of 18/8 stainless steel. The first is an aerospace-grade vacuum chamber to the outside of the mug, while the second chamber resides to the inside of the mug and is filled with HeatZorb, a special wax-like, bio-based substance that quickly absorbs and stores the heat from the coffee, bringing it to optimal drinking temperature (approximately 140°F) in just minutes.
HeatZorb is technically referred to as a “phase change material” (PCM), meaning it is calibrated to change from a solid waxy substance to a liquid at a designated temperature (140°F). It is at this temperature that heat absorption stops and your coffee enjoyment begins. And because the HeatZorb chamber is surrounded by a vacuum chamber on one side, and coffee on the other, and the material has stored a lot of thermal energy, the transfer of this heat back to the coffee, to keep it at a zone of perfect drinking temperature. So, no burned mouth, coffee that you can drink right away and coffee that stays at that optimal drinking temperature for many hours!

HeatZorb is biodegradable, non-toxic, USDA-certified bio-based and long lasting

Remarkably, HeatZorb is produced from agricultural sources and is USDA-certified bio-based. It is non-petroleum, non-toxic, readily biodegradable and 100% renewable. Because it is captive inside the stainless-steel chamber, it can never leak. And, it will consistently perform its repeatable melt/solidify heat transfer cycles many thousands of times, essentially for the life of the mug.
Cranes Custom Burnout Coffee Mug is the last mug you'll ever need.
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