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No.16 Double-Handled Cast Iron Skillet

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No.16 Double-Handled Cast Iron Skillet

They say bigger is better and the best way to break in a brand new cast iron skillet is by baking up a cornbread. So I modified my original cornbread recipe to make a Field 16 supersized version. I ended up with a behometh that weighed in at around 11 pounds. The whole neighborhood and store staff is eating well. Oh and I have a solid start on the permanent seasoning layer as well. The photos give you an idea on how large this skillet really is. My Griswold 12 fits nicely in it. The smaller pan is an 8 inch skillet which is much more typical of the size you would use to make a cornbread for the family. For reference a Butterpat Estee, a Griswold 5 and a Field 6 are 8 inch class skillets. More on the Field 16...
Cast iron cooks are always looking for something bigger: for larger proteins, more room for crispiness to happen, and above all more delicious food to share. We made the Double-Handled No.16 Skillet for you, the ambitious cooks who live to entertain and demand the best tools for the job.
Vintage pans in size No.14 and up are few and far between, and priced accordingly. Why? These rare pieces are prized for their exemplary craftsmanship, and simply because so few survive. And those that do are the best of the best. We designed the Field No.16 in the image of our vintage forebears, but it's no curiosity: this is a new skillet, every bit as durable as a standard No.8, that's meant to be used. Get your hands on a modern heirloom, the kind of cast iron you can't find anywhere else.
This is a very large skillet: please measure your oven width and depth to ensure a 16 ¾" x 20 ⅝" pan (including handles) will fit comfortably.
Field Skillets match traditional vintage sizing conventions where the “number” corresponds not to diameter in inches, but to the burner ring size on an old-fashioned wood-burning stove—or at least that's the case for our classic single-handle skillets. Larger sizes tended to vary substantially across vintage cookware: some manufacturers topped out at No.14, or skipped ahead a few sizes to No.20, generally the very largest size the line could produce.
The Field No.16 measures 16 ¾” from edge to edge. That's a couple inches wider than most vintage No.14 skillets, but not quite as massive as cookware marked "No.20." We dialed in our No.16 size to fit comfortably in most conventional ovens and on the surface of a 22" kettle grill. Here's how the Field No.16 measures up:
  • 16 ¾" top diameter (edge-to-edge)
  • 14 ¾" cooking surface
  • 20 ⅝" width, including handles
  • 4" handle width, for gloved hands of all sizes!
  • 2 ⅛” depth
  • 6.5 quart volume
  • 14.75 lbs weight total weight