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Field Cast Iron No.8 Cast Iron Skillet, 10 ¼ inches

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A truly exceptional cast iron skillet should be your trusted companion in the kitchen, and that's exactly what the Field Skillet offers. We've meticulously optimized its weight and handle ergonomics, ensuring easy maneuverability across stovetops, ovens, and grills. It retains the ideal heft required for those high-heat searing moments that create culinary masterpieces.
But that's not all—Field Skillets also pay homage to traditional vintage sizing conventions. The "number" corresponds to burner ring sizes on old-fashioned wood-burning stoves, not just diameter. So, our No.8 skillet is, in fact, larger than 8 inches—a delightful quirk that adds to its character.
Experience the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern practicality. Upgrade your cooking arsenal with the Field Skillet and embark on a culinary journey where tradition meets innovation.
Here’s how we measure up:
  • No.4: 6 ¾” top, 5 ¾” cooking surface, 1.86 lb
  • No.6: 8 ⅜” top, 7″ cooking surface, 3 lb
  • No.8: 10 ¼” top, 8 ¾” cooking surface, 4.5 lb
  • No.10: 11 ⅝” top, 9 ¾” cooking surface, 6 lb
  • No.12: 13 ⅜” top, 11 ½” cooking surface, 8 lb