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Browning MOA Modular Shooting Rest Set

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Get the right height rest, anywhere. There are plenty of rests out there – they will keep your rifle steady, but often they are designed solely for the purpose of shooting from a concrete bench at a formal range. We don’t always have the luxury of shooting in tightly controlled environments. Often, you’re going to be shooting off the hood or tailgate of a truck, off a folding table you’ve set up by a prairie dog town, or even just off a mat you’ve laid on the ground.
The MOA Modular Shooting Rest Set comes with four modular components that allow you to adjust the height of the rest. The V-shaped trough on the top module securely grips the forearm of any rifle, and the top and bottom modules are filled with polymer pellets which add weight and solid positioning. The two center modules use dense shock absorbing foam. All the modules are held together with hook and loop fasteners, to ensure that the modules will stay in place during repeated shots. The ballistic nylon shell is tough, but won’t mar delicate surfaces (or firearm finishes), such as the clear coat on your hood.